Three Fires Launch Party review

On Sunday 27 February at The Barn Theatre in Kemberton we decided to throw a party to celebrate the launch of our album 'Three Fires' and set the ball rolling for our 'Three Fires Tour' which starts at Quatt Village Hall on March 6th. The venue was an apt choice as the recording sessions for the CD took place there in the Summer of 2010, thanks to a generous offer from the Kaleidoscope Theatre Company who own and run the place.

Whalebone Launch Party

The launch was attended by many of our friends and supporters, some of whom have been following us from the start - some 6 years ago. After a moving introductory speech from Kaleidoscope’s Carolyne Revell we played a few tracks, including a playful rendition of ‘Wenlock Hare’, a haunting version of ‘Wait’,  'Herman the Carpenter', the title track 'Three Fires' and ended with ‘Stairway to Heaven’. It was great to be playing live together again - if quite emotional at times being surrounded by so many lovely people that had given up their Sunday afternoons to attend. Following the performance we set up the recording equipment to demonstrate how the album was made, and talked in depth about the joy of mixing and EQ settings! All accompanied by wine and much home-made cake, a Whalebone trademark! We got an email after from a chap who's daughter asked him - 'Why did Steve want Sarah to play like a Rubber Plant?' - she was referring to an explanation of Stairway to Heaven where we asking Sarah to play like Robert Plant sings in the recording sessions, which amused us greatly!

Whalebone Launch Party

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