Quatt Village Hall and Geneiveve Tudor's Sunday Folk Session and Interview - Listen Again!

The first date of the tour happened at Quatt Village Hall on Saturday night, and we couldn't have wished a better start. It was a great night, one of the peeps there - a lovely lady called Chrissy - has written a blog  (which can be viewed by clicking the link) about the evening and filmed a video of us playing 'Wenlock Hare':

Huge thanks to all the committee members of Quatt Village Hall in looking after us and helping us stage the concert. The following day we travelled over to Shrewsbury to play on Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk show on BBC Radio Shropshire. We played 3 tunes - 'Herman the Carpenter' 'Three Fires' and 'Hooty Mullock' with an interview in-between. You can listen again up to Sunday on the BBC i player at


We're on from about 7.30pm playing a couple of tunes, then we have an interview - which if you are wondering, when we introduce ourselves as colours, we are referring to the colour of our microphones! It isn't obvious if you weren't watching the webcam! Then we go back in the Legendary Middle Studio to play our last tune. Many thanks to Genevieve for having us on the show and Allan for the pics and audio.

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