Autumn Tour Part 2 and Gigs...

Evesham Arts Centre was the second arts centre in the tour and the first time we played in Evesham. A lovely, if slightly hot venue, with a great bunch of people making it work. We then travelled to a more local gig at Newhampton Folk Club in Wolverhampton to support Bob Fox, who has a lovely voice and a great way of setting the scene for his songs with stories and anecdotes. He sung a traditional Northumbrian folk song called 'Dance Ti Thy Daddy' also known as 'When the Boat Comes In', which grandparents would sing to their grandchildren when bouncing them on their knees. This was a revelation to Char, who thought (shamefully) that it was the theme tune to the Youngs Salmon advert on television... We’re hoping to play there again at some point in the future as it’s a great folk club with a consistently impressive line up of artists performing. We then travelled over to the Bell at Leominster which is usually quite an eventful venue for us, with drunk Dutch people and erratic dancers who refer to Sarah as ‘brilliant young girlie’, but it turned out to be relatively normal Tuesday night.

The following Thursday we returned to The Retreat in Ledbury, where we were very privileged to play in front of their beautiful new back cloth made by the hugely talented Angie Hughes. It always surprises us how late the audience turns up on a Thursday night in Ledbury, they seem to be nocturnal...

The Autumn Tour moved onto Callow End Village Hall on Halloween night and another opportunity to hook up with Beck Sian, which was fab! Donned in skeleton outfit (see here for a photo) and armed with small skeletons called Geoff, Beck played quite a few new tunes off her newly released album ‘Luminous Wings and Unseen Things’ The ‘bones added some backing vocals to ‘Mr Crow’ emphasising to the few people who ask why we don’t sing, why we DON’T sing...

Autumn Tour reviews

One of the more local gigs of the Autumn Tour was The Gateway Arts Centre in Shrewsbury, a nice luxury to only have a short drive to get there and back, and a good evening was had by all when we got the hang of the semi-automatic doors at the venue! Then on to 'Housmans' in Church Stretton, a newly refurbished Cafe Bar that has been lovingly restored by its owners and is well worth checking out. The menu is fantastic and the food delicious, however Sarah was secretly pleased we were travelling in separate cars after both the guitarists opted for the steak mushroom and garlic salad...

Then the Autumn Tour moved onto Clows Top Victory Hall, which as the name suggests is on top of a hill, which was cold! Here is a pic of the night taken by Rob, and here is a photo to prove Char has smiled whilst playing guitar at some point in time, also taken by Rob at Kidderminster Station a few years ago!

We then travelled over to BrFm radio in mid Wales to hook up with Dan James and do an interview and session ‘Live from the Vault’ to promote Llanbedr Village Hall gig later that week. The gig turned out to be unexpectedly late due to a huge car malfunction, the RAC were employed... Then onto the Three Tuns at Bishop’s Castle the following day. This is a wonderful pub that has an amazing building where we played in a room we didn’t even know existed, despite visiting the venue as customers on numerous occasions... We’ve played in Bishop’s Castle a couple of times this year, SpArC in the spring and a couple of weeks back at the Michaelmas Fair and have always enjoyed ourselves, big thanks to all who came.

The following morning we travelled down to Choice Radio in Worcester to do another interview and to play a couple of tracks. After a week of living on pre packed sandwiches purchased from Garages (Housmans being the only exception) we had time to have a HOT full English breakfast from the canteen beforehand, which made us far more productive! Choice Radio is the radio for the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where we were interviewed by Pete Philips and undertook the first live session held in their new headquarters. Hospital radio provides a very beneficial resource to patients and the hospital community and is often run by dedicated and talented volunteers. We’ll be posting a bit of audio soon so you can have a listen...

As far as the website goes, we have put a new contact form on the ‘Contact’ page, so if you want to get in touch or ask us something please do so, and we’ll get back to you.

Ludlow Food Fest, Michaelmas and CD Review

Ludlow Food Festival was a massive success for all involved. We played the whole 3 days and did a very enjoyable final set on the Saturday night. Fabulous weather, record attendances and plenty of fantastic food and drink made the festival a great experience. One of the good things about being called Whalebone is the huge amount of scope for puns. This weekend we coined the phrase 'Whaleburn' and learnt that after playing most of the day on Friday, in full sun, that drinking lots of water was the way forward. We also met a very talented chap called Louis who makes amazing chocolate called Chokolit, which after sampling extensively we can categorically state is fabulous.

The following weekend we spent playing at the Bishop's Castle Michaelmas Fair. September seems to be a safer bet nowadays for outdoor events with the weather, so we had another great weekend. The town was full of people and the vibe was lovely. Michaelmas is traditionally a celebration of St Michael the Archangel and coincides with the autumn equinox and the end of the harvest. Old Michaelmas Day falls around the 11th October and according to an old legend, blackberries should not be picked after this date because Satan was banished from Heaven on this day, fell into a blackberry bush and cursed the brambles as he fell on them... Don't say we didn't warn you! We played both days outside at the Six Bells Brewery and were looked after very well by Nev and Sue. The lead guitarist sampled a couple of their products so we have it on good authority that the merchandise is excellent. We will be heading back to Bishop's Castle in a few weeks on the 17th of October to play at The Three Tuns as part of our Autumn Tour. Talking of which....

The first date of the Autumn Tour kicked off at Ditton Priors village hall, with Rich McMahon and The Father Teds. It was great to meet up with Rich again, and a great night was had by all. The following week we played at Rushbury village hall with Daylevel and we always have a giggle and a nice time with Bri and Sal. The next date is in Shrewsbury at the Gateway Arts Centre on Friday 2nd October. Tickets are available from

Our live album, Roosty...Folky...Live and Funky... has received a 4 star review from Kindred Spirit Magazine! Click here to read it!

There to Here, here finally, and August gigs

The album 'There to Here' is finally available, remastered and with three bonus tracks. It will also be available digitally over the next few weeks/months from various digital companies. The CD is available from this site under 'Buy', CD Baby or from us on gigs. We offer a 'bundle' package where both our albums can be ordered for £15, saving £5 on individual prices, through this website.

We travelled up to Nottingham for a gig at the Robin Hood, organised by Folkwit Records. It's a really groovy venue and we had a great gig, after playing all day at Made in Shropshire the day before, we were well rehearsed! We'll be back up in that neck of the woods later in the year to play 'Cup of Tea Folk' at Lee Rosy's Tea. 

Kaleidoscope Theatre in Kemberton provided a fantastic venue for a very enjoyable concert that featured a wonderful cameo performance by Kaleidoscope Theatre Company and we are very excited about returning there later this year for a couple of winter concerts scheduled for December.  The weather thankfully stayed dry long enough to play at Chorley Show, where we all had tans on one side of our face from playing outside. This unbalanced sun kissed look extended to burnt feet too, but it was better than being rained on. It was a great day with a lovely atmosphere as ever. Similarly, Farmer Phil's Festival stayed dry, despite very threatening looking clouds.

We had lovely gig with Beck Sian and Kadie Brimfield at St Aelhaiarn's Church in Wales. This is a wonderful historic church in Guilsfield just outside Welshpool dating back to the 12th Century. The saint acredited with inspiring the church's name, St Aelhaiarn, translates as 'Iron Brow' and relates to a story of Aelhaiarn 'the snooping saint', following his master and his curiosity resulting in him being torn into pieces, then put back together again. This happened at night and one of his eyebrows was lost, so a metal tip off a pikestaff was used as a replacement, leaving Aelhaiarn to live the rest of his life with an iron brow. And the good news is, we'll be back next year with Beck Sian for another concert there, where we can brush up on some more history of the local area!

Free Download - FATEA Showcase!

Our track 'September Reel' from the live album ' and Funky...' is available to download free as part of a compilation album entitled 'Many' compiled by FATEA. FATEA is an online music magazine dedicated to all aspects of folk and acoustic music and it's various genres.

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are designed to provide greater exposure to artists that have impressed the Fatea team. Some are already signed, others are carving a solo trail, releasing songs on their own labels, all are dedicated to their music. Fatea Showcase Sessions are exclusively available for a three month period after which it will never be available again.

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are zip files containing high quality, 256kbs, drm free, mp3s. All of this year's sleeves have been designed by David Owen and will form a single piece of art. So if you'd like to have a listen, click the link below and discover some great music for free up until October 31st 09.

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