Birthday Cake and Runes Tracklisting, Whalebone

We spent all of Steve's birthday mastering our new album which is called 'Runes'. For those of you that don't know, Sarah makes the best cake in the entire world and arrived with a birthday Molly Cake for Steve in the morning. We've been eating a lot of cake during the making of this album. We are going on a band diet as soon as it is finished! The 3 candles represent 'Three Fires' the title of our last album before anyone points out that Steve is older than 3!

Steve's Birthday Cake

In the post were birthday cards and a flyer advertising free NHS hearing aids at Specsavers, which highly amused us, so it went on the cork/whiteboard in the studio. Written on the whiteboard is the finalised tracklisting for the new album! 13 tracks in total, 7 original tunes, 4 traditional arrangements and 3 classic rock tunes. We're really pleased how it is shaping up. 'Paint my kitchen' is a nickname for our versions of The Rolling Stones tune 'Paint it Black' and a traditional tune called 'The Devil in the Kitchen' (which we heard via Ashley MacIsaac) that we decided to put together as one track, that's why the total doesn't add up to 14 :)

Runes Tracklisting

Fancy a cuppa? By Steve

Whalebone Tea Mugs

Anyone Anyone who has spent any time in our company will know that we just don't work without a cuppa. Actually without lots of cuppas. (Our mates the Kidderminster Four know this well, and bought us teabags and biccies to dunk for Christmas - thanks folks, they were delicious!) For a while we had a teapot in a flightcase that we took to gigs, (no, really) but now we make do with just taking teamugs for a bit of home-from-home comfort. And yes, we know home is sometimes only an hour away, but that's not the point. Our mugs have travelled with us to several hundred gigs, so we thought we'd share a photo of this road-hardened trio, taken while packing up at Harmer Hill last weekend.

Roots and Fusion Radio Session Podcast

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter... thankfully we seem to have seen the last of the snow for the moment. It caused us a bit of disruption, not least because we had to pull out of a trip to record a live session and interview with Rick Stuart of Roots and Shoots, who puts together an eclectic music programme featuring Blues, Roots, World Folk and beyond on Stockport's Pure Radio 107.8fm. A week later than planned, the white stuff having melted a bit, we made the trip up the M6 and it was well worth the wait.

Rather than record in the studio, Rick and sound engineer Jason had the idea that we should record an impromptu, unadvertised gig at the amazing Ash Tea Rooms, a rather splendid and refined establishment incorporating CC Cakes, who have supplied wedding cakes to the Royal Family. (They can now add to their CV 'supplier of 2 sausage and bean casseroles and a greek salad to Whalebone'.) We played the gig to a slightly startled but friendly audience and recorded an interview which you can hear here - thankfully no recording was made of us demolishing the sausage and bean casserole... You can find the link to the podcast and a couple of photos from the day below:


Ash Tea Rooms - big cake!

Ash Tea Rooms - more cakes :)

To listen to a podcast of the live session and a bit of chat between us and Rick click the photo of us all below or this link -  Whalebone in session on Roots and Fusion

Roots and Fusion group pic

FolkCast 078 Autumn Crackler 2012

Our tune 'November' is part of Folkcast's special 'Autumn Crackler' podcast: 80 minutes of music and poetry for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. You can check out the show by clicking on the link below. Our tune features a poem by Keats. :-)

Gig Art and an Impressive Raffle, by Char

We travelled up north to a very picturesque village near Leek Staffordshire, Horton Village Hall, lovely people, lovely gig, punctuated by wonderful artists in the audience...

James Yates with his brilliant interpretations of our name and logo - what a talented young man!


and coincidentally, Joe Curtis has visually represented two of the stories currently being told as part of our Origins Tour shows. The 1st is a Wenlock Hare caught in some car headlights...

and the 2nd is his take on Tam Lin, with a tortoise called 'Janet' at the crossroads with the hell bound procession approaching - you can't knock him for not listening, and 10 out of 10 for interpretation and visualisation Mr Curtis:

Thank you to both James and Joe, you made us giggle and the artwork is fab :)

The following night on Sunday evening, we played at St Peter's Church in Chelmarsh to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Again, the night was made by lovely people, but it also featured the best raffle prize we have ever come across- 2 tickets to see 'Jersey Boys' in London's West End. This took us by surprise for two reasons, firstly we were sitting opposite the table where the raffle prizes were displayed and it had the usual range of bottled alcohol and Liquorice Allsorts, no mention of this mega prize, and secondly, most of the raffles we have encountered have nothing like this calibre of prize, our favourite instance being a catering sized roll of aluminium foil (which we didn't win either!)

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