Steve featured on the Taylor Guitars Facebook Page

Steve has been featured on the Taylor Guitar Facebook page, who have selected our track 'Justify' as part of their New Music Tuesday spot. You can view the video on You Tube by following the links, or have a look on our 'You Tube Video' tab on our website. Thank you Taylor Guitars :)

Inspirational PRS at GuitarGuitar in Birmingham, by Char

We didn't know a great deal about PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitars, so when we saw that our local shop GuitarGuitar in Birmingham were hosting an evening presented by the man himself, we thought is was a great opportunity to find out a bit more. It is always wonderful to see someone who is so passionate and animated about something, and Paul certainly is about his company and guitars, to the point where he has travelled to the UK to talk to people and demonstrate his instruments. He was an extremely magnetic and positive person, as most successful entrepreneurs are. His dedication to his profession has seen him travel the world to study Stradivarius violins, and use mammograms to x-ray old guitars to study and analyse how they were made. Our favourite quote of the evening was along the lines of 'Stradivarius's instruments weren't good because of a certain type of glue, a particular brand of varnish, but because he knew what he was doing and was very good at doing it!'

Whalebone at PRS evening at GuitarGuitar in Birmingham

Paul Reed Smith strives for the best with his instruments, and you can tell. His electric guitars acoustically have a lovely tone before going into any pedals or amps. The new acoustic guitars he is making are also impressive, he highlighted that you can only get out as much energy as you put into something, no more. His acoustics were not only beautiful aesthetically, they did not loose any of that energy when played, they sustained forever and were very loud! Simon McBride joined Paul to demonstrate the guitars, he is a wonderful player and a joy to listen to and well worth checking out. All in all, it may prove an expensive evening at some point in the future, a PRS guitar has found itself on my wish list!

Whalebone at the Grammys! by Steve

The entry lists for the 56th Grammy awards have been released and we're thrilled to discover that Runes is in consideration in four categories! Our album is included in the 'Best Folk Album' list, Entangled is in contention for 'Best Instrumental Arrangement' and The Birds are Still Singing is included in the 'Best Instrumental Composition' section. In addition, Runes is also in the 'Album of the Year' category. It's rather surreal to see our name included in a list alongside those of so many musicians that have influenced and inspired us - Led Zeppelin, Richard Thompson, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Nigel Kennedy are just a few of our heroes that we find ourselves lining up with. We're very honoured!

Runes CD Giveaway on CKUA Radio

This coming Friday, 5 signed copies of Runes are to be given away in a competition run on Andy Donnelly's Celtic Show which broadcasts on CKUA radio station in Edmonton, Canada, but you can listen online all over the world by clicking the link below. The show goes out at 6-8pm each Friday, which is 1am-3am GMT and features a superbly diverse range of music from the Celtic and Folk world.


Runes CD Giveaway on CKUA

New Video! Paint it Black / Devil in the Kitchen.

We've just filmed a video for one of the tracks from our new album 'Runes'. We decided to select 'Paint it Black / Devil in the Kitchen' because it's a high energy tune and we thought it would be fun to watch and make a nice contrast to our last video which was the rather dreamy 'Justify'.

We spent a couple of days with Julian of Quite Big Media, filming and editing. We took along 6 sets of fairy lights but only 2 worked! Luckily Sarah managed to stop off at a local shop in Much Wenlock and replenish our stocks. How do Christmas lights break whilst not in use?! Hope you like the end result :)

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