Fancy a cuppa? By Steve

Whalebone Tea Mugs

Anyone who has spent any time in our company will know that we just don't work without a cuppa. Actually without lots of cuppas. (Our mates the Kidderminster Four know this well, and bought us teabags and biccies to dunk for Christmas - thanks folks, they were delicious!) For a while we had a teapot in a flightcase that we took to gigs, (no, really) but now we make do with just taking teamugs for a bit of home-from-home comfort. And yes, we know home is sometimes only an hour away, but that's not the point. Our mugs have travelled with us to several hundred gigs, so we thought we'd share a photo of this road-hardened trio, taken while packing up at Harmer Hill last weekend.


February 25, 2013 @09:38 pm
So which mug belongs to whom?

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