Birthday Cake and Runes Tracklisting, Whalebone

We spent all of Steve's birthday mastering our new album which is called 'Runes'. For those of you that don't know, Sarah makes the best cake in the entire world and arrived with a birthday Molly Cake for Steve in the morning. We've been eating a lot of cake during the making of this album. We are going on a band diet as soon as it is finished! The 3 candles represent 'Three Fires' the title of our last album before anyone points out that Steve is older than 3!

Steve's Birthday Cake

In the post were birthday cards and a flyer advertising free NHS hearing aids at Specsavers, which highly amused us, so it went on the cork/whiteboard in the studio. Written on the whiteboard is the finalised tracklisting for the new album! 13 tracks in total, 7 original tunes, 4 traditional arrangements and 3 classic rock tunes. We're really pleased how it is shaping up. 'Paint my kitchen' is a nickname for our versions of The Rolling Stones tune 'Paint it Black' and a traditional tune called 'The Devil in the Kitchen' (which we heard via Ashley MacIsaac) that we decided to put together as one track, that's why the total doesn't add up to 14 :)

Runes Tracklisting

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