The Blackbird Medley EP - new release today!

The Blackbird Medley - Whalebone

Here's our new release! 🎵The Blackbird Medley🎶 - a four track EP! When we perform it live, we play all three tunes as a medley. When it came to the recording, we thought we'd also record the tunes separately, so we have If I were a Blackbird, The Kilmovee Jig and Lammas Reel as stand alone tracks, then the medley version where we play them as a continuous piece.
We hope you enjoy listening ☺️
Available digitally via streaming and downloads on the major digital platforms:

The Kilmovee Jig - Whalebone - NEW VIDEO

Here's our take on The Kilmovee Jig, one of the tunes we feature in The Blackbird Medley which is released next week. The video was filmed in one of our favourite venues, The Manshed, with great camerawork by Lorraine Parkes!

Whalebone Totally Plucked - Rosalie's at Daniel's Mill

There's just 6 tickets left for this Sunday, November 24th, 4pm at Rosalie's at Daniels Mill - where we’ll be including a couple of festive tunes in our set, and mulled wine🍷and mince pies 🥧 will be available ☺️ from the café.

You can book tickets by calling Roli on: 07484 140500

Be great to see you there!

Whalebone at Rosalie's Daniels Mill


New Video - If I were a Blackbird

We are releasing some new tunes in a couple of weeks - they will available digitally via streaming and downloads on the major digital platforms.

Here's a sneak preview of the first one - our take on the traditional tune 'If I were a Blackbird', filmed in the most wonderful Manshed you will ever see (thank you John and Karen)! Click on the video below to watch and remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notifications of new releases.


We hope you like it!

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