Shruti Box Recording

Recording with the Shruti Box for the first time today - sounding lovely and hypnotic 🧘‍♂️

Recording our Shruti Box for the first time


The Otter's Holt - Whalebone - New Video!

Here's our latest video - we hope you like it! 'The Otter’s Holt' is a traditional Irish Reel played on Irish Bouzouki and Acoustic Guitar and features in our Totally Plucked shows and will be on our next album. Available digitally via streaming and downloads on the major digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and YouTube

Filmed with a drone camera near the River Severn in Shropshire by Andy Mark (YouTube Channel: Bigdonk 2429) and some extra footage of the Bridgnorth otter filmed by Chris Watson. We're really pleased how the video has turned out with the footage capturing the beautiful landscape around where we record our music :)

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Guitar – Taylor 314CE (Standard tuning - Capo 7th fret)

Bouzouki – Flyde Octavius (GDAD tuning) 

#Celtic Music / #Instrumental / #Acoustic #Guitar / #Irish #Bouzouki / #Traditional #Irish #Reel / #Acoustic #Instrumental / #Celtic #Guitar

Video incoming - band falling over...

Whilst filming our new video for The Otter’s Holt, we discovered that walking and playing instruments at the same time is tricky on uneven ground 😋

The Otter's Holt Whalebone video outtakes


New release - The Otter's Holt

We're releasing a new tune on September 18th - The Otter's Holt. 'Holt' is another word for an otter’s den, coming from old words for "wood," "woods," and "wooded hill" (Icelandic "holt" and German "holz" both mean wood).

We perform it on an Irish Bouzouki and Acoustic Guitar with the swirling arpeggios and beautiful melody line evoking the sinuous fluid movements of an otter in the water.

I'll be available on Spotify and Apple Music 😊

Totally Plucked album recording

That point in the day when everything becomes hilarious... recording tracks for the new Totally Plucked album is going well 🙌

Char Recording Bouzouki Totally Plucked Album

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